Obeisty/Weight Loss Clinics

Everyone wish to have a well shaped body but due to accumulation of fat in some areas, you may lose your shape and make you look fatty. Obesity not only makes you lose confidence but also can result in serious health issues like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. If you are planning to be fit and slim, then here you can find information about top 10 obesity clinics in Hyderabad.

Best weight loss clinics in Hyderabad

The following are the best obesity clinics in Hyderabad:


Clinic 2000

Established 18 years ago, Clinic 2000 has been successfully treating thousands of overweight individuals. It is the only medical center for overweight in South India. Headed by Bariatric Physician, the Clinic 2000 provides comprehensive treatment for people suffering from obesity. The clinic provides best kind of treatment for obesity, weight loss, childhood obesity and underweight.


Leads Medical Center

Leads Medical Center is one among the top obesity clinics in Hyderabad focusing on Bariatric surgery, Advanced Laparoscopic surgery and other types of Gastroenterological problems. Obesity treatment program focuses on nutritional, metabolic, lifestyle and psychological causes of obesity. The advanced endoscopic studio facilitates upper GI Endoscopy, Enteroscopy, Colonoscopy and ERCP. All advanced laparoscopic procedures are carried out by well experienced staff led by top Bariatic surgeons.


Well Being – Obesity & Pain Clinic 

Well Being – Obesity & Pain Clinic is committed to provide world-class treatment for weightloss issues and pain management. The clinic uses advanced digital techniques and technology to provide treatment for any problem. At Well Being – Obesity & Pain Clinic, patients feel comfortable and get the quality health care.


La Belle

Established in 2000, La Belle is the first weight loss center in AP that provides treatment in line with the international standards. Today, it is considered as the most trusted weight loss clinic and slimming brand in South India. The clinic offers a wide array of weight loss services including therapies and obesity treatment.


Dr. Lall’s Nutrition and Weight Loss Clinic

Known for its professional, specific and excellent services, Dr. Lall’s clinic provides comprehensive treatment for weight loss. One can easily lose 1 to 2 kgs per week within 10 minutes of fun and easy exercises a day. You can also know how to set up an ideal weight loss plan. The clinic mainly focuses on increasing your metabolism and works on patients eating habits.



VLCC is a famous weight loss clinic center in Hyderabad. The clinic has fitness and beauty centers all over India. The clinic not only helps you in losing weight but also help you attain the perfect shape for the body. Currently, the clinic has established its identity in 11 countries, 134 cities and 301 outlets.


Sri Sai Sanjeevini Nature Care Clinic

Sri Sai Sanjeevini Clinic is one of the top weight loss clinics in Hyderabad. It provides solutions for weight loss, inch loss, and tummy trim program. The clinic uses natural treatment for weight loss, which does not pose any side effects.



Founded by a panel of experts including Dietician physiotherapist, beauticians and doctors, Ageless has been providing services to people suffering from overweight and obesity. Ageless not only help in weight reduction but also help you get proper shape that can improve your appearances and self-confidence. Till date, it has successfully served more than 1500 weight loss patients.


Figures N Features

Figures N Features’ is considered as one of the best weight loss clinics in Hyderabad. It offers various weight loss solutions including advanced segmental body composition analysis for patients.



Vibes is a weight loss center that is offering various weight loss programs for patients who are interested. The center provides various solutions for weight loss such as inch loss therapies, advanced weight loss and inch loss therapies and bust line treatment.