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Vijay Mutli Speciailty Dental Hospital

Viiay Multispecialty Dental Hospital: The hospital that cares ?..
If you are in urgent need for dental treatment in and around the areas of Chandanagar, Miyapur and Kondapur, then Vijay Mulitspeciality Dental Hospital would be the right place to go. Being one of the top notch dental care centers in the city, it provides both primary and tertiary oral care services with no compromise in quality. It is the first dental hospital in the twin states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh that has an in-house CAD/CAM facility. The man behind this reputed organization is Dr. YD Vijaysimha Raju, who has a never ending zeal for the provision of quality dental care. Because of the hard work of his team, this dental center has seen phenomenal growth over the years.

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