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Are you searching for top hair clinics in Hyderabad? Looking for the best hair care clinic to undergo hair treatment? Hereby, we give you the list of 10 best hair clinics where you can seek the best hair care treatment.


1. Oliva Hair transplantation & cosmetic surgery

Established in 2009, Oliva hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery center is one of the leading hair care clinics in Hyderabad. Equipped with latest advances and state-of-art infrastructure, Olive provides world class treatment for various aesthetic surgeries and has treated thousands of cases successfully.


2. Cosmocare’s- Hyderabad Hair transplant clinic     

Cosmocare hair transplant clinic offers quality hair care services to patients and covers every aspect of hair transplantation right from service to end results. The clinics mostly deal with male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, and hair loss following child birth. At Cosmocare, any hair transplant surgeries and hair line reconstruction will be performed by specialized doctors.


3. Vcare Trichology

Vcare Trichology is one of the best hair care clinics in Hyderabad that provides latest and high-end treatments for patients to overcome baldness and other hair related issues. At Vcare, all treatment procedures are carried out by highly certified hair specialists.


4. Clinic 2000

Right from hair loss to laser treatment, Clinic 2000 will provide the best treatment for all your hair problems. Highly experienced doctors have hands-on expertise on various treatment procedures and ensures good results for any hair problem.


5. LIFE Cosmetic Clinic

Life Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic is one of the renowned hair care clinic in Hyderabad that addresses any kind of hair problems. Hair specialists at LIFE cosmetic clinic make use of advanced technology and offers non-surgical and permanent solutions for hair problems.


6. Le Gorjuss Cosmetic Clinic

With highly experienced hair care specialists and advanced technology, Le Gorjuss Cosmetic Clinic provides quality treatment for all hair problems. We adopt best practices and provide the best solutions for Hair Loss, Hair Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Reduction, Hair Maintenance, PRP (Hair Growth) and Bio Stem Cells (Hair Growth).


7. The New You Cosmetic Clinic

The New You Cosmetic Clinic is a popular hair care clinic which provides comprehensive treatment for hair transplant and other hair problems. At the New You Cosmetic Clinic, you can be rest assured and get quality hair treatment for any problems.


8. Dr. Madhu’s Hair Hospital

Dr. Madhu’s Hair Hospital is specialized in all aspects and produces the best results for any hair problem. Hair care specialists at Dr. Madhu’s Hair Hospital not only provide the exceptional treatment for hair transplant but also provide treatment for preventing hair loss and baldness.


9. Reva Health Skin & Hair, Hyderabad

Founded in 2009, REVA Health, Skin and Hair Clinic is emerged as one of the top hair care clinics in Hyderabad. The clinic has the best hair care specialists in place to handle all kind of hair issues. The clinic has successfully treated hundreds of cases and yielded good results.

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