Dr. Sastry ENT Care

Dr. Sastry has been performing ENT Surgery and Consultations in Hyderabad at various hospitals & clinics-including the renowned YASHODA hospital, a highly-regarded and famous hospital in Hyderabad, located in the Somajiguda area. It is also popularly referred to as the Dr. Sastry ENT care Hospital by the large set of satisfied and loyal patients from Hyderabad and Telangana and all other states. This efficient, clean, well-run hospital stands out from the wide range of other hospitals in that the focus is not simply on maximizing revenues but on maximizing patient care, health & wellbeing at very reasonable prices.Dr.Sastry is Specialty interest in C.S.F. RHINORRHOEA and Pituitary Surgery,Pediatric Otolaryngology and has safe hands in Bronchoscopic removal of airway foreign bodies in kids

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